My Story

I see you packing your suitcase and I know you're leaving. I used to get nervous and upset because the suitcase meant I was going to the kennel. But now I'll be comfortable in my own home because HOME ALONE will be coming to care for me.

HOME ALONE visits me every day, as often as you arrange, just to be with ME! HOME ALONE makes sure I have fresh water and just the amount of food you know I'll eat.

I enjoy "play time" where I'm petted and loved. I'm brushed along with any other basic grooming needs. HOME ALONE even cleans up yards, litter boxes, cages, and puts out the garbage.

I know HOME ALONE will call you if I need medical assistance and even take me to my own vet!

HOME ALONE will perform daily walks on a regular basis or when your work day is too long.

HOME ALONE will bring in mail, rotate lights and blinds and do a home security check since they are experts with over 15 years in the home security industry.

They are members of Washington County Master Gardeners with the knowledge to care for your plants

Your have peace of mind knowing your pets and your home are being cared for by reliable and responsible HOME ALONE.

HOME ALONE has an extensive medical background and is able to monitor my health. HOME ALONE can even get me to take those nasty pills.

Remember how impressed you were by HOME ALONE's professionalism. When you left a message on their voice mail, HOME ALONE called right back. You later found out they were automatically paged. HOME ALONE clearly outlined responsibilities and provided excellent references.

Our first visit was free of charge to meet HOME ALONE and get details about my care and safety of our home.